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Our Journey

  • Started operations with a 5 MT ARC FURNACE from Danieli

    Mild Steel Ingot casting pit was created and manufactured

    Annual capacity of 10000 MT Alloy Steel only

  • Secondary Refining abilities were added to with the installation of a 10 MT A.O.D. (Argon Oxygen Decarburizer)

    200 series Stainless Steel making was started by Ambica Steels

    4 MT Induction Furnace from Electrotherm was installed

    Annual Production capacity has been increased to 18000 MT from 10000 MT

  • The existing arc furnace and induction furnace were replaced with two 10 MT induction furnaces from Electrotherm. Increasing heat size to 20 MT.

    Annual capacity increased to almost 80000 MT

    Secondary Refining capabilities were added with the installation of a 25 MT A.O.D. Converter with Automatic gas mixing station

    Installation of 9/16 Continuous Billet Caster with EMS Stirring from Concast India

    Purer Stainless Steel grades like 304 L and 316 L were produced in the shapes of billets, blooms and ingots.

    Achieved ISO 9001:2000 certification and ISO 14001:2000 certifications during this period making Ambica Steels a certified organization and follow a documented Quality Management System.

    During this time, Ambica Steels also became A.D. Merkblatt W2 certified as well P.E.D. certified enabling us to comply with European casting and furnace standards and opening the gates for export to the International markets.

  • Produced special grades of Stainless Steel 316 Ti & 321 that were developed in house.

    Ambica Steels began work on its second production unit. Two Hot Rolling Mills (13 inches and 18 inches) were added to increase our product shapes : Round Bars, Hexagon & Squares, Flat Bars, and RCS Bars.

    Ambica Steels further strengthened its product portfolio with the addition of a Heat Treatment and Cold Finishing Division to produce bright cold finished bars.

    Achieved OHSAS 18001:2004 certification that made Ambica Steels an Occupational Health and Safety compliant organization, following international standards.

    L.R.F. (ladle refining Furnace was installed to improve Ambica Steels Secondary Refining capabilities. The LFR was supplied by Danieli, Italy.

  • Duplex grades of Stainless like F-51, F-60 & Precipitation hardening Steels like 17-4 PH were developed and produced in house.

    In the month of March 2010, Ambica Steels became the first organization in India to achieve AS 9100 certification, certifying us to become the supplier to the aviation and aerospace industry.

  • Ambica Steels is gearing up to install a Vacuum Degassing facility to produced purer stainless steels for the export market. It shall enable to us to cater to the most demanding applications of our customers.

    Ambica Steels is also going to install a Fully Automated Peeling machine to improve production output of its Cold Finishing division.

About Us

With a belief that a foundation built on integrity and commitment is the key to developing strong and mutually beneficial relationships in the metals business, a strong team of people is put together who helped in making Ambica Steels the India’s largest fully integrated Specialty Stainless Steel Long products producer today.

Headquartered in New Delhi, Ambica Steels three production units are located in Uttar Pradesh state, around the border of New Delhi. They can be reached thronutugh a short drive of 50 mies from New Delhi’s both International as well as the Domestic airports.

Ambica Steels is also the largest supplier of forging materials to independent forging companies in India.

Ambica Steels is committed to maintain its position as a producer of high quality-engineered product with a commitment to unparalleled customer service and delivery.

Ambica Steels specializes into the production of Stainless Steel Long Products:

These materials are exported to over 50 countries across the globe, in more than 100 steel grades. Being a fully integrated plant, Ambica Steels is equipped with all stainless steel manufacturing facilities: Estos materiales se exportan a más de 50 países de todo el mundo, en más de 100 grados de acero. Al ser una planta totalmente integrada, Ambica Aceros está equipado con todas las instalaciones de fabricación de acero inoxidable: Deze materialen worden geëxporteerd naar meer dan 50 landen over de hele wereld, in meer dan 100 staalsoorten. Omdat het een volledig geïntegreerde fabriek, is Ambica Steels uitgerust met volledig roestvrij staal productie-installaties:

  • Steel Melt Shop
  • Refining through AOD Convertor & the Ladle Refining Furnace (LRF)
  • Continuous Billet Casting (fitted with EMS), and Ingot Casting
  • Hot Rolling Mills
  • Heat Treatment facilities
  • Cold Finishing of Bars, Angles & Flats

With a melt size of 22 Tons, these facilities facilitate production of about 80,000 tons per year. Although still a family business, Ambica Steels is managed very professionally by team of managers having an extensive metallurgical know-how and a rich experience of various steel making processes.

Ambica Steels is a competent partner for various semi-finished and cold-finished steel products, and is a specialist for complex stainless steel grades. A wide majority of customers worldwide choose Ambica Steels as a preferred supplier not only for commercial Stainless Steel Long products, but also for special Precision Bars such as Pump Shaft and Piston Shaft Quality Bars (PSQ Bars).

Our vision Unerse Vision

Ambica Steels aims to become World’s #1 Specialty Stainless Steel Manufacturers

We strive to provide increasing value to our customer's businesses. As the basic raw material provider in any value-chain, we continually try to enhance our capabilities in the following:

  • Our manufacturing technologies
  • Our Value: Cost Ratios.
  • Value-added customer services
  • Our Product Portfolio Diversity
  • Our ability to provide fast, secure and reliable transaction processes deploying current IT

At Ambica Steels, we constantly contribute to our customer’s value-chain by providing them quality steels at an optimal price/value ratio. Product and Process Innovation coupled with Best-in Class management practices enable us to constantly offer our customers better value for their money. A strong Logistics capability and a world-wide network of dealers, warehouses and transport linkages ensure customer proximity and localized service in diverse geographies.

We are an equal opportunity & non-discriminating employer with strong CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) roles. Our human development programme includes every employee and the average number of developmental hours per person per annum exceeds 30 hours. A comprehensive performance management system, a certified Occupational Health & Safety System along with organization development initiatives makes us a preferred employer in our vertical. Succession plans at all levels are deployed and ensure continuity in decisions over time.

Comprehensive Enterprise Resource Planning systems cover all our processes. Most transactions are electronic, real-time and accurate. EDI connectivity with our go-downs and sales points across the world are under consideration and are going to be deployed over the next 2 years. State-of-the art servers and comprehensive IT security management systems have been deployed to permit safe and secure electronic transaction processing.

We have built a business on strong values of partnerships, transparency, ethics and fair-play. Relationships with our customers, dealers, associates, suppliers, employees are testimony to our growth together over decades. Many of our customer relationships have been continuous over a decade and we are proud of the continually increasing value we have been able to bring to our customers’s businesses.

our people

Mr. CP Gupta
Chairman & Managing Director
Mr. Mahesh Gupta
Director (Technical)
Mr. Ajay Singhal
Director (Administration)
Mr. Abhinav Gupta
Director (Commercial)
Mr. CP Gupta, founded Ambica Steels in the year 1970 as a small foundry.

During the last 4 decades there have been many changes at Ambica Steels. From one small foundry we have grown to an integrated steel producer located over 1 million square foot area. One thing has not changed, however, and that is our dedication to our employees.

We have always tried to provide interesting work in a safe workplace. To that end, we bring our operating people into our planning for new equipment and layout and we constantly seek their advice for improvements.  We offer training in all facets of our activities. We reward effort.

It should come as no surprise that half of our employees have been with the company for over 10 years. And over 25% have worked at Ambica Steels for at least 20 years.

We think that this loyalty is the direct result of our dedication to treating our workers with fairness, respect and equity.