Ambica Steel is committed to building strong & long-term relationships with customers through timely product development & effective engineering support, by having all the manufacturing facilities under one roof.

Ambica Steels is one of the most updated stainless steel companies in the world, employing a range of modern steel making technologies. The melting of special-composition steels in small melts with weights between 18 to 27 tons is the specialty of Ambica Steels.

In special cases Ambica Steels can produce melts with weights between 16 to 28 tons also. Precise melting data and monitoring performed by a strong production control system ensure tight adherence to specified material properties such as purity levels and mechanical values.

  • Electric Melting Furnaces
  • Argon Oxygen Decarburization (A.O.D) Converter
  • Ladle Refining Furnace (L.R.F)
  • Billet / Bloom Continuous Casting Machine, 2 stands, 9/16 meter radius
  • Electro Magnetic Stirrer (M-EMS)
  • Ingot Casting (Bottom Pouring)
  • Bar Hot Rolling Mill with 6 stands, 330 mm (13 inch)
  • Bar Hot Rolling Mill with 4 stands, 460 mm (18 inch)
  • Heat Treatment Furnaces
  • Bar Peeling / Centerless Grinding / Polishing machines
  • Schumag Combined Drawing & Polishing machines
  • Drawing Machines for Bar-to-Bar and Coil-to-Coil Drawing
  • State of the art chemical & mechanical laboratory
  • Finishing & Inspection lines

heat treatments

Our specially designed heat treatment furnaces can treat Bars up to the length of 7.5 meters / 24.6 feets.

In order to accomplish customer specific material qualities and mechanical properties, Ambica Steels has set up all heat treatment processes in-house, which are combined to engineer the highest performance product. These perfectly controlled heat treating furnaces and quenching tanks enable us to maintain uniform temperatures and cycles. The result is a more reliable product, with increased consistency in the mechanical properties; bringing Ambica Steels closer to its goal - utmost satisfaction of its customers.

Heat Treatments available with
Ambica Steels are:


Solution Annealing




Double Tempering / Double Ageing

Stress Relieving / Normalizing


Ambica Steels vision is, not only limited to manufacturing the highest quality bars, it goes beyond; to place these highly finished bars on to its customer’s shelves.

After carefully processing materials, the last thing you want is your product getting damaged in transit. Therefore, we have developed a special packaging material and adopt an exclusive packaging process for bundling our bars, which gives complete security to our products during far-off transportation.

In addition, we have built the capability to individually tube, individually collar, paper wrap the bars, use wooden box or any combination of these options depending upon our customer’s preferences.

Before our super-finished bars are taken for packaging, each bar passes through the following processes

One end of each bar is color coded to meet the relevant order’s identification requirement.


Second end of each bar (above 25mm) are labelled with the sticker highlighting the Heat Number, Grade and the Inspector’s Seal.


Each bar is thoroughly cleaned to remove the oil from the surface ( in case of Austenitic steels) before packaging.


Plastic Rings are inserted in each bar in order to avoid the bar-to-bar contact.


These bars are then tied with the "Signode Straps" strongly


The bundles are then wrapped in LDPE (low density) plastic sheets and tied-up with the tape.


These bundles are then re-wrapped in the HDP ( high density ) plastic sheets and secured with tapes, ensuring complete security to our materials during high-speed transportation in vessels.