The need for stainless steel to create practical solution is a development milestone. Stainless steel creates employment and is used all over the globe. It integrates the growth of the economy. The new stainless steel products are recycled from old steel.

Stainless steel consisted of iron, carbon, and chromium. There are numerous grades available and signifies its importance in defined applications. Austenitic grades are versatile.

Grade 303 is an austenitic stainless steel with 17-19% chromium, sulfur 0.15-0.30% with nickel 8-10%, manganese, silicon, and phosphorous. Sulfur tends to increase machinability. However, the addition of sulfur lowers the corrosion resistance to some extent. But it improves machinability significantly.

Grade 303 round bars has high machining rating. Grade 303 round bars are long cylindrical shaped bars with different diameters and lengths. It used as feed to engineering industries. Grade 303 round bars are polished, sturdy, tensile, with excellent finished. 303 round bars are available in cold drawn and hot-rolled condition. Generally, 303 stainless steel cold drawn round bars are shiny and smooth.

Grade 303 stainless steel round bars are widely used in parts of heavy machinery. It is ideal for complex miniature machined parts. It is used in screws, nuts, bolts, bushings, and aircraft gears.


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Stock Available For Grade SS 303 Round Bar

Ambica Steels is one of the largest stainless steel producers in the country. We represent expansive high-quality stainless steel products. Our business associating partners are leading end products manufacturers as well as stockists across the world.

We are quality producer for grade 303 round bars. Our manufactured grades are improved machining (IM) grades with high sulfur content. As a part of the new venture in Ambica steels, readily stocks are available for grade 303 round bars. Bright round bars and precision round bars are the premium range of products.. The excellent logistics support and product packaging ensure expert delivery worldwide. We aim to create opportunities to promote stainless steel in the global market with our expedition. Our sales and research department is equipped with the knowledge and technical data to support our customers with new projects and product-related questions. Inquiry and orders are always open for discussion.


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