Unit – 1

Ambica steels Unit 1 capable of producing up to 80,000 MT of specialty stainless steel annually.

Scrap yard
Having 3000 sqft. Area with storage capacity of up to 3000 MT of stainless steel scrap.

Melting Furnace
Two electric furnaces collectively melting 180 MT within 24 Hours.

Argon oxygen decarburizer with a holding capacity up to 27 MT.

Ingot casting pit with a bottom pouring mechanism for casting single ingot up to 22MT.

Our continuous casting machine can deliver up to 200 MT billets within 24 hours in 6 different sizes.

Air pollution filtration system
Our Plant emits only 10-15 mg/NM3 against the allowed legal standard of 150 mg/NM3.

Weigh Bridge
We ensure 100 % radiation free scrap by testing all incoming material at the weigh bridge.

Unit – 2

Billet Warehouse
The billet & RCS warehouse having in- house storage capacity of up to 3000 MT.

Rolled Billet Cutting
Fully automatic hot rolled Billet cutting machine with 100% accuracy.

Rolling mill
Our Two Hot rolling mills collectively deliver 500 MT per day.

Heat Treatment
All four heat treatment processes; Quenching, Annealing, Tempering & Ageing, are available at our plant. Having a capacity to process 50MT within 24 hours.

Bright Bar Peeling Machines
5 Peeling machines are available to eliminate surface imperfections, having a capacity of 60MT per day.

Center less Grinding Machines
14 Center less grinding machines are available in house, processing up to 40 MT per day.

Inspection Bright Bar
Our various quality check instruments ensures 100 % product quality.

Bar Drawing Machine
German manufactured draw bench Machine having a routine capacity of 10MT per day.

Customized packaging solutions available for all our customers such as wooden Boxes, HDPE & LDPE.

Quality Control
State of the art quality control lab, To ensure excellent metallurgical and mechanical properties.

Shot Blast Machine
Our shot blasting machine is one its kind, offering a premium matte finish and a very high consistency in our product.

Belt Polishing Machine
2 belt polishing machine having total capacity of processing 15 MT per day.

Inspection Area
Our inspection process ensures that our product is checked at various stages during the manufacturing cycle, to ensure that all our products meet the highest quality standards.

Dressing Process
In house hand Grinding, processing up to 15 MT per day

Solar Power Plant
A 100 KW roof top solar panel installation for Eco – friendly power generation.