Stainless steel is the hero of the world engineering industries. It’s vital applications are enduring and realistic. Stainless steel is sustainable, beautiful, and affordable.

Austenitic stainless steel is a face-centered cubic structure. Grade 303 shows the finest machinability and is largely used for productions requiring a wide range of machining in automated screw machines. It has a superior machinability rating. The added sulfur holds accountability for enhanced machining and galling characteristics. As sulfur improves machinability but its presence compromises corrosion resistance ability and lowers toughness minimally. Toughness is still comparable to other austenitic grades.

Grade 303 stainless steel square bars are designed for machining. Grade 303 square bars allocate greater machining speeds with low production cost

Grade 303 square bars are used as raw core material for the industries. Its geometry and dimensions enable its use in end products. It contains iron, carbon, chromium, and sulfur. Sulfur is the key element accountable for improved machining. Grade 303 exhibits moderate corrosion resistance ability with excellent toughness, though it is not comparable to grade 304 stainless steel. Grade 304 offers superior corrosion resistance to grade 303.

Grade 303 square bars offer free machining and corrosion resistance. It is generally used in the manufacturing of bushings, screws, shafts, and gears.

Stock Available For 303 SS Square Bar

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