304/304L Flat Bar Stock

What is 304/304L SS Flat Bar

Stainless steel is the underlying metal of modified high-end products. With research and advancement, stainless steel has become a popular selection around the world. Hundreds of applications in the industrial sector make it of better use. Many product lines are available in a specific grade. 304/304L stainless steel flat bars are an integrated and challenging product. Corrosion resistance, strength, tensile potency is advantageous properties of flat bars. Flat bars are long rectangular shaped metal with square edges with varying lengths and thicknesses. The flat bar can be either Hot Rolled Annealed and Pickled (HRAP) or Cold Drawn. To attain HRAP finish, steel is rolled  and annealed afterward. Steel is then immersed in a compound solution to remove any mark. This last step is called Pickling. That is why HRAP ensures considerable resistance against corrosion. Cold drawn flat bars are usually done by drawing the metal to the desired shape and thickness. The whole process takes place at room temperature; therefore it is called Cold Working Process. Cold Drawn flat bars are more precise and possess a better surface finish than hot-rolled flat bars. Cold Drawn flat bars are widely used in machine tool equipment, wood-working machine, instruments and meters, construction machines. Whereas, Hot rolled flat bars are used in architectural construction.

Stock Available for 304/304L SS HRAP and Cold Drawn Flat Bar

Ambica steels is the most eminent manufacturer and exporter of stainless steel. With the availability of a complete range of high-quality stainless steel product, stainless steel flat bar is an acclaimed product. Stainless steel flat bar is available in HRAP flat bars and Cold Drawn flat bars. We are proud to state, Ambica steels, is one of the dominant manufacturer and exporter of Cold Drawn flat bar. The process of manufacturing Cold Drawn flat bar is multistage and time-consuming. Proposing stock is a quite challenging job. With infinite efforts, strategic inventory is planned to produce stocks for Cold Drawn steel bars. Now, Ambica steels, is proposing stocks for HRAP and Cold Drawn flat bar. Customers around the globe can readily access flat bars in a short lead time. To provide the best quality in stocks, newly manufactured units are added with strategic implementation. These bars are designed as per international protocol and equipped with all required test certificates. All ready material is inspected and goes through various tests that is chemical testing, and mechanical analysis to ensure quality. Fine product packaging and good logistics services are imperative measures to gratify our customers. We endeavor long term professional relationships with our customers. Inquiry and orders are welcome.

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