304/304L Square Bars Stock

What is 304/304L SS Square Bars 

Several grades are available today; Austenitic steel is the most applied form. Austenitic steels contain a high level of chromium & nickel with a low level of carbon content. The composition is 18% Cr and 8% Ni, and is called 18/8-steels. Austenitic stainless steel represents 300 series. 304/304L is the most versatile grade. 304/304L Stainless steel bar is a core element of manufacturing engineering. So, it is applied and used in high-end products of various industries. Its dimensional geometry and sturdy design can handle a considerable amount of stress and makes it popular among the business. 304/304L square bars are available in different standards and sizes to meet customer’s specific requirements. Finishes on the square bar can be bright, polished, and black .The grade 304/304L square bar has excellent corrosion resistance, formability, strength, and welding ability. The 304/304L stainless steel square bar is widely used because of its strength. The square bar has gained exceptional demand intensely. Its shape defines the application and end-use products in different industries. Commonly square bars are used in manufacturing, engineering construction, residential construction, automobiles, mining infrastructure, transport, etc.


Stock Available for 304/304L SS Square Bar

Ambica steel is the prime global manufacturer and exporter for the stainless square bar in 304/304L grades. Producing a high-quality square bar for international end products is our brilliance. Stainless steel square bars are immensely demanded products. These square bars are extensively used in diverse industrial applications. Square bars can be produced of different sizes as per customer requirement. Finishes on the square bar can be bright, polished, and black. The latest manufacturing added units and planning strategic stock inventory are directing us to gain customer’s demands. Adding ready stocks for customer priority products is the most recent step. All ready material is inspected and goes through various tests including chemical testing, and mechanical analysis to ensure quality. Fine product packaging and good logistics services are vital measures to satisfy our customer’s needs. We are highly expert in delivering the best quality services worldwide. Inquiry and orders are welcome.

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