316 316L Hex Bars Stock

316L SS Hexagon Bar

Stainless Steel is a resourceful metal of known and all times. Its end users are progressing day by day, creating opportunities to accommodate more. Many grade availability offers a wide range of applied fields. The austenitic stainless steel grade is a common grade and represents the 300 series. 316L, low carbon version exhibits properties of 316 and 316L. Commonly available in the dual certified standard. Grade 316L contains a high amount of chromium and nickel, though the difference is created by the presence of a significant amount of molybdenum; 2to 3 % by weight. The higher molybdenum content leads to offer high resistance in extremely corrosive conditions. Frequently, 316L Stainless steel is fabricated into assorted shapes. 316L Stainless steel Hexagon bars are a demanding product.Hexagon bar retains six straight sides and angles. Its structural geometry allows an additional strength. These bars are of great use for structural and industrial setups, which involves acidic and saltwater medium. Generally, 316L Hexagon bars are available as cold drawn. Grade 316L Hexagon Bars shows good weight holding capacity with durability. Hexagon bars offer excellent strength to provide high resistance in high corrosion, good workability 316L Hexagon Bars are mainly used in automotive, construction, cement, shipbuilding industries.


Ambica steels is a leading manufacturer in developing a premium range of stainless steel products. With infinite efforts, we are developing innovative designs by using modern high processing units. Our comprehensive diversified product portfolio is a source for some leading end users. We offer 316L Hexagon bar which features a sturdy structure, durable finish, and perfect dimensions. Customized cuttings are available. 316L Hexagon bars are available in rolled, annealed, and normalized conditions in different sizes. Our recent venture offers ready stocks for 316L hexagon bars. It enables us to short the lead time and to exemplify to customers. All ready material is inspected and goes through ultrasonic testing, chemical testing, and mechanical analysis to ensure quality. Importantly, logistic and good product packaging is also a point of interest to optimize our customers’ needs. Inquiry and orders are welcome.