316 316L Stainless Steel Round Bars Stock


The formability character allows stainless steel to be available in assorted shapes in numerous grades. Grade and shape define its use in the application in the various engineering industry. Grade 316 is the second most commercial grade available worldwide. Its utilizations are vast in industrial sectors. Grade 316 is a superior combination of alloys. Chromium-Nickel-Molybdenum amalgamation provides significant resistance to corrosion in saline and acidic medium. Molybdenum content creates a significant difference in providing resistance against high corrosion in acidic medium with comparison to the other 300 series grade. Grade 316L is a low carbon version and widely used in heavy gauge welded machines. Grade 316L is also known as Marine Grade as its application holds well in seawater. Grade 316 Round Bars are a fundamental requirement of machine engineering. Round bars long elongated metal structure, varies with diameter and size. Generally, Round bars can be easily cut and fabricated into tools. That’s why widely used in machining and automobile. Besides, Round Bars displays excellent forming and welding ability. It can easily roll into various shapes suitable for applications in industrial, architectural, and automobile. Hot rolled and cold rolled are general forms available.  Cold drawn stainless steel round bar has strength with a smooth shiny surface. Hence it is used in aesthetic applications. The most common applications of Round Bars are shaft, braces, framework, and axles.



Ambica Steels, the expert producer and exporter of Round Bars in India. This premium product is export all around the world. We offer the best 316 grade Round Bars. We produce Improved Machining (IM) grades that enhance the preferred characteristics of the products. At Ambica Steels, we produce Bright Round Bars and Cold Rolled Precision Round Bars. Cold Rolled Precision Stainless Steel Bars is an elite premium product. The processing of super finish precision bars takes place at our high-fidelity facility. Premium quality Round Bars are offered in customized dimensions. As creating a new rise in production, Ambica Steels is introducing Stocks for Round Bars. Added production facility and strategic inventory stock are recent developments to promise stocks worldwide. Our ready available stocks facilitate to deliver in minimum time. All products are inspected thoroughly and undergo various testing and analysis. Customized packaging and good logistics services ensure no damage in transit. We are highly expert in delivering the best quality services worldwide. Inquiry and orders are welcome.