316L 304 SS square Bar

Formability is the peculiar property of stainless steel and can be drawn into different shapes, like flat, hexagonal, round, and square. Shapes and Grade of stainless steel bars determine the area of application. Austenitic steel is the most commercial form available, representing 300-grade series. Grade 316 contains molybdenum with the presence of chromium and nickel. The amalgamation of these alloys gives additional strength to resist corrosion in saline and chloride environment. Also, provides significant strength at elevated temperature. Stainless steel square bars are a central part of the engineering industry. Grade 316 Square Bar is a chromium-nickel-molybdenum alloy which gives considerable corrosion resistance to acids and seawater. Molybdenum attains additional characteristics and provides resistance to acid attacks. Its four-sided dimensional geometry can handle significant force. 316 Square bars are available in different standards and sizes to meet customer’s needs. Finishes on the square bar surface can be bright, polished, and black. Grade 316 Square bars also feature additional characteristics like high tensile strength, durability, weldability, formability. Its shape defines the application and end-use products in different industries. Commonly used in pump shafts, chemical storage, and processing, acid productions, pickling operations, pharmaceuticals.


Ambica steels is one of the pioneer producer and exporter of 316-grade stainless steel products.  Our essential criterion is to produce and promote stocks for high-quality end products. Our produced Square Bars are sources under international standards. It is the most demanding product. To support recent market development, we are proud of proposing stocks for 316Square Bar. Adding ready stocks for customer priority products is the most recent step and to equipped in delivery. The latest manufacturing added facility and strategic planning directing us to keep ready stock. All products are inspected and go through various tests including chemical testing, and mechanical analysis to ensure quality. Customized product packaging and good logistics services are vital measures to satisfy our customer’s needs. We are highly expert in delivering the best quality services worldwide. Inquiry and orders are welcome.