Stainless steel is creating innovations in multi-dimensional designs of future needs.

Austenitic stainless steel is the most demanded alloy worldwide. Grade 303 is a refined version of grade 304 stainless steel in terms of machinability. The addition of sulfur to its basic composition enhances its machinability. It allows greater machining speed with better-finished productions. Its corrosion resistance ability is not comparable to grade 304. It is prone to pitting corrosions in a chloride atmosphere.

The composition Grade 303 is modified with the addition of sulfur. Grade 303 is a free machining grade and highly recommended for automated machining processes.  It is non-magnetic in nature. Cold working operations can be used to enhance strength, hardness, and tensile. Grade 303 exhibits excellent toughness, but lower than grade 304.

Grade 303 flat bars are 18/8 chromium stainless steel flat bars. Sulfur intensifies the property of machinability. Grade 303 flat bars are polished, readily machinable, and show corrosion resistance in the mild corrosive environment. Its non-galling and non-seizing features make it useful for automation components. Grade 303 flat bars have good oxidation resistance. It exhibit good tensile strength. Grade 303 flat bars are available in conditions, HRAP and cold drawn polished.

Grade 303 flat bars are used for applications involving heavy machining. 303 stainless steel flat bars are generally used in aircraft parts, valves, bushings, pump, screw machine components, and architectural purpose

Stock Available For 303 Flat Bars

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